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Sisters Of Mercy's Alice Resurfaces

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, May 9, 2005
Bootlegs of the Sisters Of Mercy's underground anthem Alice popped up in London record shops this week, suggesting the massively influential Goth legends could be about to become the latest early 80s club pioneers to enjoy a career reappraisal.

Sources at one shop confidently insisted Soulwax are behind the track though the Low Power alias means in reality anybody could have made the high energy remake.

Despite being regularly ridiculed by mainstream media, as the Goth movement they helped inspire ossified beyond belief, the highly experimental rock band were one of the first to rely totally on drum machines, creating dance floor friendly rock music that dominated early 80s new wave clubs from London to New York and beyond.

Chatting to Jonty Skrufff in 1994 highly elusive Sisters mainman Andrew Eldritch admitted he developed a taste for "stupidly minimal and really daft' techno that used the same Roland 808 machines, though revealed he was less keen on the club culture that came with it.

"I don't take the right drugs to deal with the loud music and the crowds at raves, I'm basically still the same guy who left university and I don't feel comfortable in large crowds, they worry me and they make me nervous," he admitted.

"There are crucial barriers. A speed (amphetamine) person wouldn't do things in a large crowd which an ecstasy person would be perfectly happy doing. I think there are crucial differences, particularly that whole "I love everybody idea'. I really can't handle that," he explained.