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Skrufff's Ministry Radio Show Goes Bi-Weekly

Author: Skrufff
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ministry Of Sound Radio are to start broadcasting the Skrufff radio show every two weeks, following the successful launch of the show last year. The show will run for 2 hours every other Monday evening from 18.00GMT, featuring live guests, DJ mixes and music from the alternative electro-disco-rock style Skrufff already champion through their press agency.

"We've all been avid readers of the Skrufff e-zines for ages and we're very pleased with both the response and the format of the shows that the Skrufff crew have produced so far with great interviews and the Electro Clash sound that is unique to the Skrufff show," said Ministry station manager Rob Sharp. "We're planning to develop the shows as an integral part of the Ministry schedule and going biweekly should help us to build the show even quicker," he said.

As well as regular DJ mixes from Jonty Skrufff, the new shows will include guest mixes from the likes of Princess Superstar, Ewan Pearson, Alexander Robotnick and Larry Tee, with confirmed upcoming live guests including Swayzak, The Italoboyz and John Punx Soundcheck. (Next show; Monday January 17: 18.00-20.00 GMT)