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Techno Dons Ditch The UK

Author: Jonty Skruff
Monday, May 23, 2005
Carl Cox's recent decision to spend his summers in Melbourne Australia could become a permanent one he told Sydney magazine 3D World this week, declaring "I've found my place in life'.

"England has not got anything to give me anymore in the sense of my life. There's still a lot of people who love England and do their stuff there but I've just basically outgrown it," he said.

The multi-millionaire globe-trotting DJ based himself in Horsham, Sussex throughout the 90s, buying a holiday home in Frankston two years ago, though appears to have re-evaluated his priorities after suffering a heart attack last year.

"I want to see more, I want to do more, I want to meet more people, I want to rejuvenate my own life," he explained. "I wanna' be able to do something different for once- all the things I'm not able to do in England.

Fellow British techno pioneer Dave Clarke also moved away from Brighton recently though told Skrufff last week, he actively chose Amsterdam over Australia.

"Melbourne rocks, there are great people, great food and really, really cheap property (by European standards), but it is too far away from things," said Dave

"To me, it's a place to retire or visit a few times a year, it doesn't work if you are really busy around Europe."

Detroit legend Derrick May also admitted to feeling less enthused about the UK when he chatted to Skrufff last year, admitting "there was a time when I considered London my second home and at that time it always felt like a special place.'

"Then the sensational and the populist became popular again in London and the music took a polite back seat, which meant I stopped seeing it as quite the same place it used to be," he explained.

"When I say populist and popular I'm talking about the age of the superclub, the Mixmag (type) magazines and that whole over-rated drug culture. People lost focus," said Derrick.

Dave Clarke's new compilation World Service 2 is out shortly on Resist Records.