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Van Buuren confirms that Faithless got it right: god IS a dj!

Author: events@tranzfusion
Thursday, December 22, 2005
Well at least that's the title of the new film he appears in. Or rather, 'god is MY dJ'. Let's hope his acting skills are closer to that of Carl Cox in Human Traffic than John Digweed's cameo in 'Groove' or else you may find 'It's All Gone Pete Tong'.

The film is financed by and tells the story of ID&T, one of the worlds most prominent dance music company's. Not satisfied with the release of a full colour book 2 years ago, CEO Duncan Stutterheim has decided to make a film about the history of his enterprise which doubles as a marketing tool for his Sensation event.

ID&T started out organsing events within the gabber and hardcore scene before releasing the well known 'Thunderdome' and 'Mysteryland' album series. Just as notable is their creation of the Innercity event, and possibly the largest indoor dance festival in the world, Sensation (held in the Ajax football stadium).

ID&T Talso run a radio station, a string of clubs and restaurants, a magazine and a music download site.

'God is My DJ' describes the world of dance through Duncan's eyes and the struggle to balance the scene's ever present hedonisim with enough self-insight and sensibility to realise his dreams.

Directed by Carin Goeijers, 'God is My DJ' stars the trance superstar Armin van Buuren alongside DJ Dano, Joop van de Ende and Jan Vayne as well as Duncan's own family and friends.

Cinema release is set for February 2nd.