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Vitalic Victimised By London Thief

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, June 4, 2005
Sneak thieves snatched Vitalic's laptop computer from London's Cargo club last month, after the French electro-tech star left it at the club after sound-checking for a gig that night.

Vitalic's management noticed the theft just minutes before he was due to go on stage, DJ reported this week, forcing him to cancel his performance

"I am a nice guy and I don't understand why this happened to me," Vitalic told DJ following the robbery, "I am shocked."

The unlucky producer also experienced problems when he first visited England as a student, he told Benedetta Skrufff in 2002, finding himself ostracised by parochial Brits he encountered during his stay.

"I lived in England for nine months in a town called Guildford, where I was an exchange student in a campus and those were difficult times for me because there wasn't any interaction with the English students at all," Vitalic recalled.

"They had a tendency to do their all night parties where us foreigners were not invited and hence my friends were all either French or Italians. Eventually I graduated, but I still have no English friends," he complained.

Vitalic's (excellent) new album OK Cowboy is out now on PIAS.