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Boompty Boomp Boomp! Derrick Carter is back

Author: Tranzfusion
Friday, October 20, 2006
Derrick Carter is going to hit town again with his signature ass-wiggling, deep, ferociously funky Chicago jack-house sounds for an exclusive boutique event at Atlantic Southwharf's Sumac Shed 6 and Alumbra. Hardware, Alumbra and Dekonstrukt are combining forces to present Derrick in an intimate vibe for 900 people. From Chicago resident to all-time good guy, Derrick knows the groove!

From humble beginnings as a DJ to label boss of the seminal cult "Classic" label, Derrick has scratched, shaken, bumped and rocked the world over. His productions have that signature bubbly sound, that has set a benchmark for the legion of house producers that followed. A true ambassador for house music, Derrick is the shizzle.

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