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Hot sex death threat

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Friday, July 7, 2006

Doctors from Vienna’s Sports Medicine Institute issued a public health warning this week, urging people to abstain from having sex when temperatures top 30ºC or risk death.
"The high temperatures increase the sex drive, but they also make
intercourse quite risky, as the chance of heart-related complication increases,” Professor Norbert Bachl told Scotland’s Daily Record.
"Those who can't resist should wait until the evening hours, when the air gets cooler, but even then they should not go wild."
The Austrian doctor’s alert came as Loughborough University Professor Ron Maughan revealed that many British men get more excited watching soccer than having sex, according to tests he carried out on fans watching the World Cup.
"The heart rates that we have recorded throughout the first stage of the study are in line with those experienced by an individual reaching sexual climax,” Professor Maughan told the Financial Express, “and in some cases greater than that."
Both findings emerged some years after Japanese scientists suggested a link between infidelity and strokes, the BBC reported in 2000.
Dr Izumi Toyoda told the World Stroke Congress that 19 out of the 42 people he examined who suffered strokes during sex were with lovers other than their regular partner.