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Gangs, riots, bagraiders- Oh my!

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Monday, July 2, 2007
Nine months ago, the kids from Trashbags woke up in a gutter after a particularly debaucherous night of DJing, with a kidney missing. This was followed by months of throwing up in the morning with an insatiable appetite for chocolate, and crying during Oprah. Now their bastard child Killed The Radio has been born, and Oprah has been replaced once again by late-night SBS sexploitation. Long story short, the Trashbags crew have teamed up for a tour with Modular (that’s where Killed The Radio comes in). Expect dirty, dirty tunes belted out by the Bang Gang Deejays, Riot in Belgium, Bagraiders, the Trashbags Posse, Mark Murphy, Marky Mark and King Lee, and Dave Dirt. It’s happening at The Roxy Saturday 28 July.