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Krump Dance Competition

Author: 3d
Thursday, October 18, 2007

As part of the Dank Street Festival, SSYS & Skater HQ has joined forces this year with Hip Hop Dance Veteran Darrio Phillips to create Foundation @ Dank Street Sydney first open KRUMP Battle. 
Since the release of the movie RIZE in 2005 KRUMP dance has found a voice in the street level communities of Australia.  With its popularity ever growing Australian states are coming together to ‘battle’ it out.Competitions have already taken place in Brisbane and Melbourne, it’s now Sydney’s turn to take centre stage.  KRUMP dancers are coming from Brisbane and Melbourne to support the even and to take care of outstanding ‘beefs’.
For those who are not familiar with KRUMP dance.  It is a freestyle dance that originated in the streets of Los Angeles.  It is made up of a complex set of frenetic and sometime violent movements that give it an energetic and almost tribal appearance.  The dance takes place in a battle type format where one ‘crew’ or ‘family’ versus the other.
It’s happening this Sunday 21 October at Waterloo Park, corner of Elizabeth and Allen Streets, Waterloo. Check it!