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Christopher Robin Interview

Author: 3D
Tuesday, 13 May 2008
Let's get down to basics here: who are you guys and how did you meet-

Hi, we are Christen and Blake, we met at school but didn't start making noise together until a couple of years ago. Very strange noise at first, not much has changed.

Looking at the band pics, you play live with keys, guitar, electronic drums and laptops, is that a fair summary-

Yeah we started off with our drums off the laptop but just recently added a real drum kit to the fold and it's all about that at the moment - very loud banging of the drums! Oh and our new Theremin!

And your music is a kind of eerie, stripped back electro with sung vocals - is that how you'd describe it-

Eerie is good, we like eerie. We try and make music that feels like it's heading somewhere. Lyrically our songs are for the people who go home alone at the end of a night out, we write from things we know about.

Who are some of your influences, music or otherwise-

We really like to draw influence from cartoons; we love watching them on the ABC in the afternoon. Cartoons are more complex than people give them credit.

It's been a little while since we've been to Brisbane, what's the electro and indie-dance scene like there these days-

It's here! We think Brisbane is definitely overlooked in Australia. But we are here to say it really does exist and there are some great sounds up here.

Do you have any releases in the pipeline-

A GLOVES remix in the works and an EP later this year. But for now come down to the show and we have some free CDs to give out.

Finally, what are you bringing with you for this trip down to Sydney to play Street Party-


WHO: Christopher Robin
WHAT: Play Click-Click at Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Friday 23 May