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Curfew On Pubs And Clubs

Author: 3D
Monday, 27 October 2008

As denizens of the night, we thought you should know that the NSW State Government is lobbying to enforce a ban on 24-hour liquor trading to ‘reduce alcohol related violence’, which could include a 2am curfew on pubs and clubs. It is expected that this push to restrict trading hours will be put before the cabinet within a fortnight. Clubs NSW are set to begin a campaign to ensure trading hour bans will only be restricted to pubs, but if you think, like us, that banning us from being able to drink when we want to and turfing all the drunks out onto the street at the same time is a very silly idea, we’d recommend writing to Premier Nathan Rees at GPO Box 5341, Sydney, NSW 2001 to tell him exactly what you think.