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Earthdance Launch Party

Author: 3D
Thursday, 7 August 2008
You love Earthdance, right- What's not to love, a massive music festival with a level of local talent that you'd normally have to fork out a big wad of cash for, all for a gold coin donation! So obviously you want this year's festival (relocated to Surry Hills' Prince Alfred Park) to be a success. Then you'd better put this Saturday night in your diary and head along to the Cross nightclub for the fundraising launch party. For the price of your average club night, you get an enormous line-up with the likes of Spruce Lee, Kato, Disco Not Disco DJs, Sleater Brockman, Magic Happens, Deep As Fu*k DJs, Shade of Gray live, T-Quest, Subservice DJs, Tim Culbert and Robbie Lowe, Crispin and Carlos Zarate, the Glitch DJs, Sebastian Bayne, Diatribe, Sexworker, Arianne and many more, as well as the warm fuzzy feeling that you helped this year's festival become a reality. More info at