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Insert Coin At ACMI

Author: News
Friday, March 7, 2008
Fed Square's ACMI has an exhibition that most of us gamers will love - 45 years of arcade hits that mean you need a lot of 20c coins.

The event, which kicked off in Melbourne this week, showcases the best of the arcade gaming world, including all of the wrist-ruining classics like Pong.

More than 120 classics will be on show and covering everything from Pac-Man, The Sims, Sonic The Hedgehog and, perhaps the biggest game to ever make console gaming fun, Super Mario Bros.

Here's our advice: drill a hole into a 20c coin, tie it to some fish wire and get down there as soon as possible.

Or better yet, steal the sparky thingo from the gas heater and ping it into the coin slot - credits for sure!

Or even better: push the credit button when some little primary school kid puts his hard-earned into the machine.


Exhibition is on now.