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Pharmacy Hells Bells!

Author: Bloom
Wednesday, 30 July 2008
The crazy mofos at Pharmacy are back for more, with an 8th birthday shindig at Melbourne's Palace on Friday September 9.

The line-up includes some of the many artists who have made the party roar over the last 8 years, plus some newbies to cap off the shenanigans.

Here are the culprits:

YOJI (japan)
If any proof were needed that electronic dance music has become a truly international phenomenon it is the success of Japanese DJ, producer and larger than life personality- the artist formerly known as Yoji Biomehanika. Yoji has achieved rock star status in his own country and across the globe with his inimitable brand of driving tech trance and his eternally effervescent stage presence. As dance music's answer to Madonna- Yoji continues to reinvent his sound and image as his fame and celebrity continue to grow unabated as he headlines festivals such as Dance Valley, Sensation Black and Gods Kitchen's Global Gathering.

MARCEL WOODS (netherlands)
His fast growing number of overseas bookings and his stamp-filled passport make clear that Marcel Woods will remain in the spotlights for some time- his sensational string of anthems include such titles as Advanced, Cherry Blossom and Monotone! One of his latest remix assignments is the all-time classic Greece 2000 by Three Drives On A vinyl and since early 2005 Woods has been steadily pumping out string of sensational hits on the seminal High Contrast label as well as his own 'Musicl Madness' imprint. Marcel simply cannot be stopped as he storm his way up and up through the charts- his total domination proven this year when he became the only artist to play both a Sensation White and Black in the same year!

SCOT PROJECT (germany)
Scot Project is one of those rare artists whose musical style is clearly recognizable throughout the dance music world. His signature sound has helped create the harder side of the trance genre, with a unique combination of hard percussive elements mixed with melodic trance rhythms! Recent releases such as the massive new Scot Project 'Sueno', TOCS2, and his unique 'For Promotional Use Only' series of bootlegs only add to a body of work ranks Scot Project amongst the most prolific producers on the planet!

TATANKA (italy)
Tatanka is the native American term for Bison which corresponds perfectlty with the way 'Tat' has rampaged through the club charts since 2005. Within a few months he had set tongues across the world wagging about his enormous anthems and blinding DJ performances-. his remix of 'nobody likes the records you play' became the unofficial anthem for the festival season. With bookings at some of the worlds biggest and best known events such as Defqon1, Kiddstock, Decibel Outdoor and Qlimax this Italian hardstyle maestro is the future of hardstyle!

DJ ISAAC (holland)
Turntable jedi Dj Isaac is without question amongst Holland's most influential hardstyle artists with regular appearances at events such as Defqon1, Decibel, Qlimax and countless global tours that have taken him across the USA, Russia, Australia, Japan and deepest darkest Africa! Isaac is also the author of twisted hardstyle classics such as 'On The Edge', 'Go Insane', a seminal remix of Derb's 'Coole Sau' and the cheeky RHCP bootleg 'Waiting For'! Get up and go insane!

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