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Purple Sneakers And Floorspace This Week

Author: 3D
Monday, September 29, 2008

After the NME taking over Purple Sneakers last week, this week sees Spit Syndicate’s official DJ 2onajoyride headline, supported by PhDJ, Nick Findlay and Walkie Talkie. That’s Friday 3 October at the Abercrombie Hotel. THEN Saturday 4 October sees the 3D World editorial team take to the decks for the headline slot downstairs at Floorspace - in Copperlily at the Kings Cross Hotel - alongside Vivienne Kingswood, Erectro, Walkie Talkie and The Real Seabas. Hit up for all the information you could ever need. Be sure to come, we’ll be playing Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk in its entirety. Oh yes.