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The Great Escape First Line-Up Announcement

Author: 3D
Monday, 16 June 2008
OK, so we always thought The Great Escape was an awesome addition to the festival circuit, inviting some seriously cool bands to the country, but 2008's line-up is insane - it's like the lovechild of Splendour, Laneway and V Festival!

Held at the Newington Armory Saturday 4 - Sunday 5 October, you can expect to see the following acts: CW Stoneking, Yeasayer, The Panics, Black Francis (feat. Frank Black of Pixies), Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band (i.e - the man known as Bright Eyes), British India, Supergrass, The Mess Hall, We Are Scientists, Ladytron, Blue King Brown, Paul Kelly, The Galvatrons, Joan As Police Woman, Lior, Pikelet, Yves Klein Blue, Jackson Jackson, The New Pornographers, Little Red, The John Steel Singers, The Seabellies, The ELF, Firekites, Laura Jean, Cassette Kids, Wons Phreely, The Scientists of Modern Music, The RedSunBand, The Holidays, Whitley, Spod, Plug-In City and more to be announced.

More info at Fuck, my fingers are tired.