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Tresor Trials 3D Surround Sound System

Author: 3D
Monday, 8 September 2008

Berlin’s superclub Tresor is installing a new 256 channel IOSONO sound system in October, which the producers promise will allow DJs to deliver specific sound effects to wherever they want on the dance floor.
Club chief Dimitri Hegemann told Skrufff the revolutionary system will be installed for at least a month from October 6, with DJs and artists including Blake Baxter, John Acquaviva, Umek and DJ Rush receiving tutorials on how to maximise its potential.
“The new system will stay if the clubbers enjoy it,” said Dimitri, “I really do not know how well it works yet in practise but we will definitely be keeping it if it brings a positive innovation for the overall club feeling,” he promised.
IOSONO publicists suggest the new sound system will allow performers to manipulate sounds to give clubbers ‘three dimensional immersive sounds . . . moving synthetic sound objects around at will.’
“For example, a helicopter can slowly approach the audience, fly through the middle of the theatre, and disappear off into the distance,” IOSONO’s press release explains, ‘The audience hears the sound waves the helicopter would generate if it were actually flying this path.’
Dimitri stressed that the system’s introduction remains just one aspect of Tresor’s ongoing development with 90% of the former power station’s floor space still currently unused,
“It looks like the art space in the main atrium is finally on the way,” he confirmed, “by the spring of 2009 we will be ready to open the first two floors.”
“In the past I hoped to find an easier solution to address all the construction issues involved in opening this giant area, such as the fire exits and sprinkler systems which are required, but in the last two months we’ve installed a new team of architects, Heinrich Schulte-Frohlinde, who are fully up to speed.”
“We’ve also now arranged the key financial resources to fully develop the venue’s art space, which remains a top priority for Tresor. Though having said that, we’re also still seeking new partners interested in helping Berlin’s arts and music scenes to develop. I tell you, it’s an adventure,” he added.
IOSONO’s world premier nightclub launch is at Tresor on October 8, with workshops and presentations at the club during the day from Wednesday to Friday October 8-10.