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Who You'll Find At Floorspace This Week

Author: 3D
Tuesday, 14 October 2008

How fucking awesome were Los 3DJs at Floorspace last week- I mean, where else are you going to hear King of Wishful Thinking, Soulwax’s tight rework of Hey Boy, Hey Girl and punk/new wave classic Another Girl, Another Planet mashed together with vodka, gin and bourbon- Nowhere, that’s where. So hire us, promoters, goddammit. Ahem. So this week at Floorspace they’ve got downstairs in the ‘anything goes’ room Erectro, Vivienne Kingswood, Walkie Talkie and DJ Fle, while upstairs through the see-through floor you’ll find Disco Not Disco, Magic Happens and 2onajoyride spinning party jams. Word. That’s at Copperlily Nightclub, Kings Cross Hotel, Saturday 18 October.