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Author: 3D
Friday, 13 June 2008

Those who follow German duo Kumui, will know that the sound they typically push is some seriously hard trance. Which is why 3D were suprised to discover Dominik Felsmann and Patrick Scheidt's currentstance on the music that made them famous. 'Basically we think that hard trance is pretty much dead,' Felsmann disclosed to 3D. 'You can't recreate tracks that were perfect in 2003 today. In fact it would be sad to have to. There's been a lot of innovation goings on in the electro and house business and trance is also going in a new direction. From that, we've tried to combine positive directions from each but to retain that uplifting style you get from trance. We call it hard funk! It's groovy and we tried to invent a new name and hard funk is what we came up with!'
Don't despair trance fans, we think you'll still love the results. Check out the boys when they play Magic City at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre on Saturday 28 June to make up your own mind.