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Platform 2 Hip Hop Festival

Author: 3D
Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Taking place between Friday 27-Saturday 28 March the Platform 2 Hip Hop Festival at CarriageWorks will be a celebration of all that’s great about the genre, showcasing DJs, MCs, breakdancers, vocalists, graffiti artists and more. Opening night has been dubbed ‘Flexing Skillz’, Platform 2’s improvisation comp, which will see crewmembers go head to head in an audience-judged freestyle war. The line-up includes Bravo Child, Scott Burns, Gabi, Herb, Demolition B*Girl, Pepito (national B*Boy champion), Red, B*Girl Flix, Jay Tee, Nick Toth, Sandro, Ability, Sistanative, Al Young (Good Buddha) and Ranji. ‘Freak The Technique’ on Saturday night is a B*Boy/Girl battle extravaganza, as Australia’s best breaking crews contest for the Platform 2 title and the $1200 that goes with it. Guest live acts include KillaQueenz, The Last Kinection, DJ Mathmatics and Good Buddha. The interstate judges are Demolition B*Girl (Demi from So You Think You Can Dance), Pepito and Granite Rawk (Massive Monkees, Seattle). If you’re after learning a few skills from the best, then Saturday will also see a host of workshops designed to clue you in, with breaking, popping, beatboxing and street funk sessions. While if you’re of an artistic ilk, you can check out a graffiti demonstration and competition, or a selection of hip fop films and documentaries. Tickets for the festivities are on sale now via