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Ram Jam And Big Guns At Candy's

Author: 3D
Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Candy’s Apartment has another double helping of awesome coming up this weekend. On Friday 20 February Ram Jam welcomes DJs CSK_OK, Hey Now, The Gameboys, Boonie, Candy Bar, SUPRAMAN, The Awkward Boys and Lights Out, while sating those seeking live indie Only The Sea Slugs and Leed Fiends will be on early band duties. Craving a Candy’s Saturday as well- Then Big Guns is breaking out just that, with Renae Stanton, Keli Heart, Amber Savage, UK Jen, Toi, Smokin Joe Mekhael, Zuology, Picto, FNGLRLCKN and Le Motte taking to the decks.